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Have you ever considered the benefits of a truly magnificent smile? Although Orthodontic straightening of teeth can result in improved ability to clean and reduce food packing the biggest transformation is in oneself. Orthodontics results in improved facial aesthetics, improved sense of personal well-being, self-esteem and confidence which can improve interpersonal relationships, enhanced social success and promotion in life.

Did you know the following 10 interesting facts about your smile :

  1. A genuine smile can lift your mood
  2. The emotional impact of smiling boosts your immune system and so smiling can improve your physical health
  3. Smiling is contagious
  4. Smiling relieves stress by causing the release of endorphins
  5. Smiling is the most easily recognized form of facial expression and can be seen up to 300 feet away
  6. Smiling helps your interpersonal and intimate relationships
  7. Smiling helps you obtain promotion
  8. Smiles are more attractive than make-up !
  9. Smiling is the universal sign of happiness
  10. Smiling is instinctive in babies, and they smile in their sleep as soon as they are born

Assessment of your
Smile and Bite

One of our expert clinicians would be delighted to thoroughly assess your smile, take note of your dissatisfactions and make recommendations on how to improve your smile using orthodontic techniques and/or cosmetic dentistry. Apart from assessing the aesthetics of your smile, the clinician will also assess how well your teeth fit together to support your jaws. There are a number of ways in which to treat the jaws. The different techniques differ in how the brace looks, the finesse to which the brace can correct the dentition, and the time the brace takes to produce the ideal outcome.

It is very important to chose a strategy and technique that involves the least amount of time, and involves minimal or no change to tooth structure.

Treatment technique

There are a number of ways to provide treatment – examples are described in the widgets above. Please click through the options to have an overview of the treatment options. The traditional, and most predictable approach is to use standard metal fixed braces. Fixed braces are also available as a ceramic option which is less visible. Use of these braces is a very predictable and economical option.  Children and adults who seek efficient treatment at minimal cost should consider traditional metal fixed braces.

Some children struggle to clean their teeth adequately to support fixed braces. This is damaging to teeth, and can cause surface breakdown (‘decalcification’). Under these circumstances the child is not suitable to receive conventional fixed braces. Some children however can be treated with a clear aligner type brace, such as Invisalign. The benefit of such an appliance is that the child can wear the brace with a fluoride and calcium phosphate containing ‘mousse’ called ‘MI paste” within and this will nourish and protect the enamel. Your orthodontic practitioner will advise you on the suitability of your child to receive an aligner-type brace, such as Invisalign which is only suitable for cases with low to medium complexity.

Whereas it has become fashionable for adults to straighten teeth in later life, most working adults will object to wearing traditional metal fixed braces. In this case, the treatment techniques suggested are :

  • a ceramic brace which is nearly clear
  • Invisalign which is a clear slip-on brace system
  • Lingual braces, which are fitted on the inside of your teeth

Lingual braces are fitted on the inside of your teeth, and are therefore the most hidden form of brace. This brace needs to be undertaken by a senior orthodontic practitioner.

After we have understood the concerns you have about your smile and completed a comprehensive bite assessment and we have had an opportunity to describe the various treatment options for you, we will then be able to provide a fully costed bespoke treatment plan which are based on your brace preferences.

Will I need extractions?

Removing a healthy tooth is like removing a healthy body part. Where possible we will seek to correct your bite without taking out teeth. Sometimes the only way to create good alignment in a dentition that is crowded is to remove one or more teeth to create space. The benefit of taking out teeth is also that we do not end up “squeesing” teeth into a limited space which can result in gum problems such as recession during treatment or later in life. Where possible, extractions will be undertaken of poor teeth with large fillings or teeth that are malformed.

After one of our orthodontic clinicians have assessed your bite you will be advised of the favoured treatment plan, including options and you will be informed about the risks, benefits and limitations of each plan.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment time will depend on:

  • efficiency of our mechanics
  • frequency of recall
  • your oral hygiene
  • your compliance and willingness to follow instructions
  • the biology of your bone

Treatment duration will range from 4-6 months for anterior (front teeth) cosmetic alignment with ‘limited treatment objectives’ to 2 years for cosmetic alignment AND comprehensive bite correction. Complex cases can take approximately 3 years to complete.

Short Term Orthodontics (‘STO’)
and rapid treatment

for that special occasion

Very often, a patient approaches us with a limited time frame for treatment, perhaps only 6 months. You may soon be a bride or a groom, or may want to look elegant for a special anniversary or occasion. Under these circumstances you are likely to only wish to receive cosmetic alignment of the front teeth. This is possible with several brace systems such as metal or ceramic traditional braces, and Invisalign.

Speeding up treatment time is the focus of extensive research in orthodontics and is not always predictable.

A combination of approaches have been used to speed up treatment namely :

  • use of tighter appointment intervals
  • use of a laser to provide low level laser therapy (LLLT) to the tissues to increase cell turnover in bone. This is also known as photobiomodulation (PBM)
  • use of vibration technology such as the Acceledent (TM) to increase the rate of bone turnover
  • use of bone anchor implants known as “temporary anchorage devices” (TADS)
  • use of surgical techniques to mobilise bone (known as “interseptal alveolotomy”)

We would prefer to manage your expectations by not making wild promises as to treatment efficiency and will provide an honest appraisal of our view of the most appropriate approach to improve treatment speed.

Treatment planning

with different brace systems

A digital scan of your jaws will provide an accurate digital snapshot of your dentition for life, and a simulation of orthodontic tooth movements

Metal fixed braces are a traditional, time-tested method to straighten teeth. They are the swiftest, most robust, versatile, and economical method to create your glorious smile

A ceramic fixed brace is much less visible than a traditional metal fixed brace and allows you to enjoy teeth straightening treatment without the appearance of heavy silver mechano on your teeth.

Invisalign is a nearly invisible brace system. Using digital technology and digital sequencing of tooth movement, a multitude of thin, clear well fitting 3D printed slips of  co-polymer are manufactured. Each ‘aligner’ is used for approximately 7-10 days to gradually move teeth. The system completely avoids the need for bonded metal brackets or wires.

There are a burgeoning number of different clear aligner systems which are attempting to copy the Invisalign brand. In our view the Invisalign system is the most sophisticated and tested system to correct your smile and is the preferred system to straighten teeth with clear aligners.

The Damon Brace is a fixed brace, available in metal and ceramic with a special sliding mechanism to hold the orthodontic memory wire. The use of the technique with high-tech memory wires can reduce the slight pain of orthodontic movement,  may reduce the need for extractions, and speed up treatment in some cases.

Quick Straight Teeth (QST) is an organisation that works closely with Clinicians to provide a cosmetic alignment service using a ceramic brace system and white wires. The service provides alignment only and not full bite correction for rapid orthodontic treatment results.

A company who works with clinicians to supply proprietary brackets and wires and clear aligners to facilitate cosmetic tooth alignment of the front teeth for rapid orthodontic results without focusing on bite correction.

This is a removable appliance that offers simple alignment of the front teeth without correction of the whole bite. The treatment is typically completed within 4 months

This technique focuses on alignment of the upper and/or 6 front teeth using a fixed brace that is fixed on the inside of the front teeth and so there is no brace visible.

This is an advanced technique using braces on the inside of the teeth and is therefore completely invisible. The technique is used senior clincians.

Your orthodontist may recommend a permanent bonded retainer to prevent your teeth slipping and re-crowding.

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