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BDA Welcomes Amalgam Agreement

A recent Treaty signed by 140 nations to reduce emisions of mercury (See Blog for detailed discussion), has been welcomed by the British Dental Association. They, along with other international Dental Associatins, had lobied against a complete phase-out of use of amalgam, with a possible very short deadline.  The treaty will require nations to phase down the use of dental amalgam fillings over an appropriate time period.

Dr Stuart Johnston, who led the FDI World Dental Federation Dental Amalgam Task Team at the negotiations, said:

“Dentists in the UK recognise the environmental imperative to minimise mercury emissions, but it was important that this treaty took account not just of the environmental agenda, but also of the need for dentists to care for their patients. We are pleased to see that this treaty has taken a pragmatic view, acknowledging that the phase-down approach advocated by the World Health Organization is a sensible way to make progress. The final treaty strikes a sensible balance, clearly setting out an aim for reduced use of mercury, while recognising the unique contribution it makes to oral healthcare. It also recognises the important role that prevention can play in improving oral health and reducing demand for fillings.”

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